Waxing Tips


Scrub the area you are getting waxed the week prior to waxing (not on the day of waxing) to get the smoothest results possible, this will also help with ingrowning hairs.

If you suffer with ingrowning hairs, scrub the area in an upwards direction with your fingernails for bikini area and exfoliating gloves for the body and do not apply any moisturiser in this area if you suffer with this problem, it will only block the pores further.

Underarm waxing is excellent if you have dark hair, it will get rid of that dark shadow that you get from shaving, it is the quickest area to respond to waxing. The hair growth will become lighter after a couple of waxes.

If you do not wax, winter time is the best time to start your regime! A couple of waxes and you will be in the routine in time to feel the benefit for the summer months!

Waxing needs to be done twice/three times before an occassion/holiday/wedding for most effective results. Hair has a three stage cycle so you may still feel a stubble after you very first wax, so after 2/3 waxes you will feel perfectly smooth.

If you find waxing very painful or it is your first wax, take 2 pain killers about 45 minutes before your waxing appointment and it will feel a little less painful.

Eye Care Tips


Trimmed and tidy eyebrows should be in your beauty regime as they are essential to frame your face. Waxing gives the best results for eyebrows, clients can pluck the stray hairs in between appointments.

Tinting your eyebrows is a great trick to thickening fine eyebrows. It is great for the days where you don’t wear

make up as your eyebrows will still have a groomed and shaped appearance.

More tips will be coming soon…