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Hi, My name is Laura and I am a fully qualified beauty therapist since 2002, I studied with Bronwyn Conroy, Monkstown. I have been working in this career since 2004.

I worked in Nue Blue Eriu in Dublin City Centre where I began to realise my passion and flair for Grooming Treatments, including nails, tanning, eyecare and waxing, in particular specialised waxing. I was directly trained by the J Sisters of New York, where I was individually trained on a one-to-one basis in specialised waxing, manicures and pedicures. From there I worked in Revive in Milltown, where I worked in the grooming area. Brazilian and Hollywood waxing were my most requested and repeated treatments.

I have now been working for myself for over 14 years, I believe grooming treatments should be done in a private area, in a quick and efficient way, with a reasonable price attached. I pride myself in making my client feel as comfortable as possible with a special attention to detail. I am among the few in Ireland who have been trained directly with the J Sisters.

Please view my interview with Ciara Kennedy, Editor of Ssh.ie and Beautybag.ie through the shortcuts below:

Profile: Laura Fitzpatrick; Beauty Therapist, Waxing Specialist / Industry Insider / ssh!

Profile: Laura Fitzpatrick; Beauty Therapist, Waxing Specialist | BeautyBag.ie

Below is an article about me that was published in the Irish Examiner: (please note these are old prices!)

BACK TO YOUR ROOTS – As more Irish women brave Brazilians, Deirdre Reynolds gets the lowdown on the benefits of waxing… (old prices)

WHETHER it’s painful plucking or constant shaving, the fight against fuzz can seem like an unwinnable war. No sooner are your pins perfectly smooth or eyebrows shaped, than an errant hair springs up again.

Forget fidgety razors, messy depilatory creams or scary laser treatment, there’s only one way to get to the root of the problem – waxing. Waxing takes unwanted hair from the root, leaving a smooth finish and lasting up to six weeks. And over time, it can even curb regrowth.

However, the method has come a long way since the trial and error days of ripping sticky strips from your leg in the bathroom, causing shrieks of pain. Waxing has become the backbone of the beauty industry here, with many salons devoted to the eye-watering activity. And Irish girls are no longer concerned with solely getting rid of the bits that will cause them embarrassment on the beach. It seems we’re booking in for more adventurous options as with the same frequency as we get our hair done.

Waxing specialist Laura Fitzpatrick, who was trained by one of the iconic J sisters of New York, says girls here have caught up with the Sex and the City ladies who discuss Brazilians over brunch. “Bikini waxing has boomed in this country,” she said. “There’s a huge American influence coming here thanks to characters on shows like Sex and the City and celebrities who openly talk about it.”

“The J sisters coming to Ireland and training Irish beauticians has also introduced more advanced bikini waxing to girls here. When one girl gets a Brazilian wax the word spreads fast and when you get a Brazilian or Hollywood you rarely go back to just a basic bikini wax or shaving.” But it’s not just celebs who favour waxing, scientists say it works better too.

“At most, shaving lasts for two days,” says Laura, a beauty therapist based in Dundrum, Co Dublin. “And some people can develop a rash and it also causes more ingrown hairs. Because you’re only taking the edge off the hair, regrowth is quicker and coarser and you never really get that smooth look, particularly under the arm.

“On the other hand, waxing lasts for 4-6 weeks, depending on the hair growth, colour and density. There’s no maintenance between waxing and because you’re taking the hair from the root, the hair growth will get lighter over time. It will never stop completely, but you could stretch the time between appointments to as long as eight weeks.”

Bikini waxing isn’t just for 20-something girls about town, according to Laura. “Waxing ranges in women from aged 18 to 60. But I always recommend my clients who have teenage daughters to start them straight off with waxing rather than shaving.” And you don’t need the pain threshold of a martyr to switch from the razor to waxing anymore. “The wax I use is pearlised along with strips,” she says. “It only sticks to the hair and not the skin, so there’s less pain involved and less irritation afterwards. You can still have waxing done when you are pregnant, although the skin might be a little more sensitive. I have clients waxing when they are eight-and-a-half months pregnant.” Whether you’re a wax virgin or an addict, there’s a bikini wax to suit you. But be sure to have a patch test beforehand and follow the aftercare instructions given by your beautician, especially if you plan on going the whole hog.

Laura’s basic bikini wax, €17, does just that tidying up the bikini line. Next is the Californian, €27, a more extended version that takes more from both sides and inside the legs. Most of her appointments are for a Brazilian, €41, which leaves a small strip or triangle. While everything goes with a Hollywood, €43. And while it’s easier said than done when you’re fully exposed under harsh lighting, Laura says there’s no need for embarrassment. Find a therapist you like and stick with her, in order to perfect your personal grooming.

“With bikini waxing, clients like to build up a confidence and relationship with you. It puts them at ease. Go to a salon where you’ve received a recommendation about a specific beauty therapist. I feel it relaxes new clients if they know their friend was impressed by my waxing procedures and customer service skills.”